Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Seating 286 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Premium fabrics - ALL SEATING IN THESE FABRICS AVAILABLE POA Due to limitations in the printing process when fabric is shown photographically, we recommend that you ask for actual fabric samples before ordering. Special Fabrics Range Percentage AK016 Number AK020 Ratio AK001 Divide AK015 Algebra AK005 Subtract AK013 Fraction AK003 Polygon AK002 Multiply AK014 Equation AK004 Value AK006 Positive AK019 Median AK011 Calculus AK008 Maths AK007 Arithmetic AK018 Add AK012 Metric AK010 Acute AK009 Formula AK017 X2 plus fabric options e n vi r o n me n tal Year Guarantee Crib 5 YW209 YW203 YW083 YW009 YW211 YW205 YW145 YW200 YW076 YW208 YW079 YW160 YW027 YW148 Intervene texture YH171 YH096 YH047 YH100 YH046 YH071 YH030 Intervene plain Bleach Clea n able Wate r P r oof Crib 5 10 Intervene performance fabric Please phone with your choice of seating for prices in these fabrics