Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Seating 285 For a wider range of fabric options, please call us today. Standard Fabrics Range Era • Era is a subtle, two tone polyester fabric containing stretch in both directions for ease of upholstery. • The baby herringbone weave offers an understated contemporary texture while its colouring technique provides close up intrigue. The palette incorporates playful brights and sophisticated muted tones. Calendar CSE19 Cycle CSE06 Phase CSE17 Measure CSE27 Turn CSE26 Generation CSE02 Futurist CSE01 Occurrence CSE23 Date CSE24 Sequence CSE25 10 60° Washable PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Advantage • Advantage is the UK’s top selling Low Hazard seating fabric • Its high performance durability comes from its blend of 30% wool and 70% gymlene - a synthetic fibre originally developed for use in broadloom carpets • It is rated at 75,000 Martindale abrasion cycles HOBBIT AD213 PEWTER AD072 MINERAL AD010 GRAPHITE AD066 CHARCOAL AD028 BLACK AD055 PURPLE AD118 SEA BLUE AD017 KINGFISHER AD122 RASPBERRY AD127 ADRIATIC AD001 CINNAMON AD111 TAWNY AD098 RED AD014 DAMSON AD093 CLIPPER AD126 TURQUOISE AD027 AQUA AD002 WINE AD020 GRAPE AD029 COBALT AD004 CRANBERRY AD005 NIGHTSHADE AD011 BEETROOT AD116 TRIDENT AD124 AZTEC AD113 PERSIAN AD101 GRANITE AD009 Year Guarantee Span CSE05 Endurance CSE34 Splitsecond CSE31 Notation CSE36 Analogue CSE33 Transition CSE30 History CSE21 Prime CSE09 Extent CSE28 Experience CSE29 Aeon CSE20 Stage CSE15 Signature CSE35 Event CSE18 Everlasting CSE10 Timelapse CSE16 Lifetime CSE03 Period CSE07 Rest CSE37 Occasion CSE32 Allowance CSE38 Late CSE43 Range CSE42 Perennial CSE12 Prompt CSE45 Forecast CSE11 Memo CSE46 Quota CSE41 Youth CSE39 Chapter CSE08 Present CSE13 Maturity CSE40 Elapse CSE44 Forward CSE14