Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

SEN 135 A. Large sound & light panel • The sound-sensitive Large Sound &amp Light Panel panel is controlled by the sounds that you make. Clap, sing, stomp and explore the 13 different play modes and their stimulating colours and effects • Ideal for active and calming sensory environments • Size: H120 x W60 x D8cm Y310811 £1,395.00 B. Sound & light panel • Get visually stimulated with our sound sensitive sound and light panel that lights up certain colours depending on the pitch of the noise made, which will encourage the user to be more vocal. This is a fantastic cause and effect product that will keep the user intrigued for hours. It can be activated by either music or voice and there is a microphone and a sound sensitivity control included. • You can decide how bright the lights are by the volume of the sounds you make. Each colour represents a different pitch. The deepest bass sounds glow red, higher pitched sounds illuminate orange, yellow, green and finally blue and purple for the treble. The brightness of the lights varies with the volume of the sound. • Size: L24" x W24" x H4" Y310849 £966.00 A B C C. Infinity tunnel • A sound-sensitive illusion that gives an impression of infinite depth, creating a stimulating sensory experience with two different modes for interactive or calming play • Interactive mode: different sounds make different colours and patterns, so experiment with your voice, learn more about cause-and-effect, and create a visual light show • Calm mode: sit back, relax and passively enjoy the automatic light show. • Build confidence and communication skills , talk, sing or shout and watch as the tunnel illuminates in ever-changing sensory light • Explore tactile senses by touching the screen, and watch as the light in the tunnel bends and warps • Easy to clean and can be simply installed on walls in sensory rooms. Get in touch for more information • Size: 72 x 60 x 11 cm. Y310848 £1,049.00 Please ask for details of our Turnkey Design & Build Solutions