Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

SEN 134 A. Laser stars • Transform ceilings and walls into bright galaxies filled with stimulatingly relaxing glowing stars. The Laser Star projector makes a perfect night light in bedrooms or portal to dreamy relaxation in dark or calming rooms • Starry Eyed: Create a starry night whenever or whenever you like, in seconds. Plug in the Laser Stars projector to see dazzling stars shoot across your walls and ceilings – perfect for dreamy visual stimulation • Small But Powerful: Whether you’re looking to project galaxies onto your bedroom wall or across a whole hall – the Laser Star projector will paint beautifully bright constellations for you to enjoy their calming movement and stimulating visuals • Energy Saver: After two hours, the Laser Star projector will automatically switch itself off, saving energy and conserving the glowing power of the green lasers inside the projector • Great For: Autism, Kids and Adults, Visual Stimulation, Bedtime Routines, Calming, Dark Rooms, Sensory at Home, Sensory Bedrooms, Care Homes, Classrooms Y310810 £169.00 B. RGB moving dots light effect • The tabletop RGB Moving Dots Light Effect creates a stimulating light show in a darkened space that calms and distracts users • 6 x 1W LEDs produce an array of coloured beams that are diverted through a rippled dome, creating a dynamic ceiling display with a sound-sensitive auto sequence • Its compact size makes it practical for home environments, allowing you to quickly create a sensory space in a matter of seconds • The dome can also be fixed to a wall or ceiling for a more permanent sensory fixture • Size: 17.5 x 17 x 14cm Y310812 £92.00 C. LED UV light panel • A sturdy and powerful LED UV light that can be fitted to a wall or ceiling • Reacts to UV sensory resources transforming their colours into an electric neon glow, perfect for building visual and tracking skills • Size: 9.8 x 51.2 x 5.2cm (with brackets), 5.2 x 47.8 x 5.2cm (without brackets) Y310813 £262.00 A B C