Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Early Years 97 Here we present a range of products that provide a safe, comfortable and colourful environment, where children enjoy a world they recognise and where their imaginations are inspired. We can provide children with somewhere to sit and learn alone and spaces to be taught in groups. Our products provide children stimulation through use and display. Our storage facilities ensure that their daily world is left neat and tidy. Cloakroom and lunch storage facilities teach young minds to guard and value their personal space and possessions. Early Years Zones 98-99 Creative! Role Play Panels 100-101 Creative! Role Play Furniture 102 Creative! Storage Solutions 103-108,110 Creative! Tables & Chairs 109 Creative! Dens 111 Soft Seating 112-115 Cushions & Mats 116-119 Sand & Water Play 120-121 Easels 122 Play Corners & Modules 123-124 Natural Beech Storage Units 125-126 Tables & Chairs 127-128 Outdoor Play Furniture 129 Early Years Early Years