Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

80 Classroom Storage PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Grasmere Curve Book Storage System • Premium range made from high quality 18mm MFC in a choice of board finishes with cream back boards • Choice of either single sided bookcases in 2 heights, or double sided mobile units in 3 different heights • Other board finishes available - please ask for pricing and details A. Grasmere straight bookcase • Single sided • Depth 320mm Shelves Y200600 H900 xW1000mm 2 each £349.50 Y200604 H900 xW600mm 2 each £312.50 B. Grasmere straight bookcase • Double sided • Depth 600mm Shelves Y200610 H900 x W1000mm 2 each £488.00 Y200612 H1200 x W1000mm 2 each £632.50 Y200614 H1500 x W1000mm 3 each £745.00 Y200616 H900 x W600mm 2 each £405.50 Y200618 H1200 x W600mm 2 each £558.00 Y200620 H1500 x W600mm 3 each £625.50 C. Grasmere curved bookcase • Single sided • Choice of concave (curves inwards) or convex (curves outwards) • Maximum depth 835mm, width 1180mm Shelves Y200630 Convex H900 2 each £524.00 Y200632 Concave H900 2 each £524.00 Y200634 Convex H1200 2 each £621.00 Y200636 Concave H1200mm 2 each £621.00 D. Grasmere curved bookcase • Double sided • Maximum depth 1115mm x width 1575mm Shelves Y200640 Convex H900mm 2 each £678.50 Y200642 Convex H1200mm 2 each £884.00 Y200644 Convex H1500mm 3 each £1174.50 Y200646 Concave H900mm 2 each £678.50 Y200648 Concave H1200mm 2 each £884.00 Y200650 Concave H1500mm 3 each £1174.50 Beech Grey Maple Oak Wood & colour finishes may not be representative of actual colours - please ask for a sample Red Yellow Blue Green White Concave Convex Please ask for pricing on special colours A B C C For waterfall units... 196-197 Page Link - see pages