Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Storage 72 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Premium Storage Range • New range of premium storage units in a choice of White or Grey finish • Add a choice of brightly coloured trays for a clean, modern look • All tray units contain clear plastic tray runners • Units are supplied with plinths as standard, but most are also available fitted with castors at no additional charge - please ask for details • All units supplied complete with trays as shown, within the price • See pages 52-55 for colour & size options. A.6 tray unit • W363 x D475 x H617mm Y203182 White, No Doors £159.00 Y203184 White, with Locking Doors £190.60 Y203186 Grey, No Doors £159.00 Y203188 Grey, with Locking Doors £190.60 B. 8 tray unit • W363 x D475 x H789mm Y203190 White, No Doors £169.40 Y203192 White, with Locking Doors £201.30 Y203194 Grey, No Doors £169.40 Y203196 Grey, with Locking Doors £201.30 C. 12 tray unit • W704 x D475 x H617mm Y203198 White, No Doors £233.10 Y203200 White, with Locking Doors £273.40 Y203202 Grey, No Doors £233.10 Y203204 Grey, with Locking Doors £273.40 D. 16 tray unit • W704 x D475 x H789mm Y203206 White, No Doors £254.50 Y203208 White, with Locking Doors £296.50 Y203210 Grey, No Doors £254.50 Y203212 Grey, with Locking Doors £296.50 E. 18 tray unit • W1045 x D475 x H617mm Y203214 White, No Doors £317.50 Y203216 White, with Locking Doors £370.60 Y203218 Grey, No Doors £317.50 Y203220 Grey, with Locking Doors £370.60 F. 24 tray unit • W1045 x D475 x H789mm Y203222 White, No Doors £370.90 Y203224 White, with Locking Doors £434.10 Y203226 Grey, No Doors £370.90 Y203228 Grey, with Locking Doors £434.10 h2 height 617mm h4 height 789mm h4 height 789mm h4 height 789mm h2 height 617mm UKMADE