Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Furniture 7 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Flex Chair • Flex is a mobile and flexible solution, allowing you to shift between various seating arrangements and learning activities easily. • The large worksurface is adjustable to its user’s body and seating posture • Large seat shell with lumbar support and flexible body • Worksurface contains silver ions to make it 99.9% Antimicrobial • Carriage charge will apply on orders of less than 10 chairs Stax Tables - use indoors or out • Stacks 14 high within a 2 metre space • 600 x 600 table, overall width 768mm • 6kg weight makes them easy to move • Tested to over 100kg weight load • Pen groove colour inserts to match the chevron chairs • Connector available to link the tables together • Optional tray runners and trays - see pages 52 and 54 for tray colours • Made from 100% recyclable material Height Y100702 460mm POA Y100703 530mm POA Y100704 590mm POA Y100705 640mm POA Y100706 710mm POA Y100707 760mm POA Y100708 Linking attachment POA Y100709 Pen Groove Insert POA Y100710 Tray Runners & A4 Gratnells Tray POA Y100711 Tray Runners & A3 Gratnells Tray POA Lecture mode Group work mode Discussion mode Y100720 - X base with worksurface POA Y100721 - X base without worksurface POA Y100722 - Star Base withWorksurface POA Y100723 - Star base without worksurface POA Shell Colours Lava Spice June Avocado Navy Starlight Stone Cosmos X Base Star Base Pen Groove Colours (optional) Black Blue Night Grey Red Orange Yellow Green Purple Table Colours Royal Blue Night Grey Sky Blue Matching Chevron Chairs 38 Page Link - see page