Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Storage 63 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS A. 12 quad tray unit • W1358 x D453 x H1067mm Y15200 With Red Edge £493.30 Y15202 With Blue Edge £493.30 Y15204 With Green Edge £493.30 C. 24 tray unit • W1030 x D453 x H789mm Y15194 With Red Edge £327.20 Y15196 With Blue Edge £327.20 Y15198 With Green Edge £327.20 D. 18 tray unit • W1030 x D453 x H617mm Y15188 With Red Edge £284.00 Y15190 With Blue Edge £284.00 Y15192 With Green Edge £284.00 B. 8 quad tray unit • W1358 x D453 x H739mm Y15231 With Red Edge £412.30 Y15233 With Blue Edge £412.30 Y15235 With Green Edge £412.30 Coloured Edge Storage • All units supplied complete with trays within the price. See pages 52-55 for colours and size options • Supplied in Beech E. 12 tray unit • W700 x D453 x H617mm Y17100 With Red Edge £255.20 Y17102 With Blue Edge £255.20 Y17104 With Green Edge £255.20 F. 6 tray unit • W360 x D453 x H617mm Y17106 With Red Edge £149.20 Y17108 With Blue Edge £149.20 Y17110 With Green Edge £149.20 h2 height 617mm h2 height 617mm h4 height 789mm h2 height 617mm For early years units... 129-130 Page Link - see pages Also Available in Maple Finish UKMADE Unwrapped & Checked Ready Assembled EcoFriendly Construction  Express Delivery Trays Included