Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Storage 62 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Combination Storage Units B. 24 single or 12 double depth tray unit • W1358 x D453 x H707mm • Can mix between single or double depth trays Y17057 Beech, Open Front £406.00 Y17059 Beech with Locking Doors £479.00 Y203112 Maple, Open Front £406.00 Y203114 Maple with Locking Doors £479.00 C. 32 single or 16 double depth tray unit • W1358 x D453 x H835mm • Can mix between single or double depth trays Y15132 Beech, Open Front £507.00 Y15134 Beech with Locking Doors £581.00 Y203116 Maple, Open Front £507.00 Y203118 Maple with Locking Doors £581.00 D. 36 single or 18 double depth tray unit • A popular, large capacity unit with 36 single or 18 double depth trays, or a combination of both • W1030 x D453 x H1210mm Y15140 Beech, Open Front £538.00 Y15142 Beech with Locking Doors £612.00 Y203120 Maple, Open Front £538.00 Y203122 Maple with Locking Doors £612.00 A. Open front variety unit • Unit holds 4 triple depth trays on the left and 12 single or 6 double depth trays on the right • W1358 x D453 x H617mm Y15729 BeechMobile - Open Front £427.00 Y1573610 Beech, Static - Open Front £427.00 Y203108 MapleMobile - Open Front £427.00 Y203110 Maple, Static - Open Front £427.00 • Choice of Beech or Maple finish • All units can also be made as static unit, fitted with plinth at no extra cost - specify if required • All units supplied complete with trays within the price - See pagse 48-51 for colour options • Units can be combined with the open shelf unit on the following page to make tall units h2 height 617mm Y15729 tray unit Y203136 open shelf on top Colours Maple Beech UKMADE Unwrapped & Checked Ready Assembled EcoFriendly Construction  Express Delivery Trays Included