Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Storage 55 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Tray Storage Cupboards D. 48 tray cupboard unit • W1030 x D477 x H1468mm Y17081 Beech Open Front £643.00 Y17083 Beech, with Locking Doors £739.00 Y203058 Maple Open Front £643.00 Y203060 Maple, with Locking Doors £739.00 E. 60 tray cupboard unit • W1030 x D477 x H1810mm Y15178 Beech Open Front £664.00 Y15176 Beech, with Locking Doors £788.00 Y203062 Maple Open Front £664.00 Y203064 Maple, with Locking Doors £788.00 C. 24 tray cupboard unit • Storage for 24 trays and 2 additional shelves • Full or half doors available • W1030 x D477 x H1468mm Y15728 Beech, Locking Top Doors £554.00 Y15738C Beech, Locking Full Doors £631.00 Y203054 Maple, Locking Top Doors £554.00 Y203056 Maple, Locking Full Doors £631.00 B. 21 tray cupboard unit • Tray storage for 21 trays and 3 additional shelves • W1030 x D477 x H1810mm Y15172 Beech with Locking Doors £624.00 Y203052 Maple with Locking Doors £624.00 • All cupboards supplied with trays included in the price. Specify any combination of sizes and colours which will fit into the tray compartment • Choice of Beech or Maple finish. Ask our sales office for details on other finishes available Colours Maple Beech Can also be supplied with different tray sizes UKMADE A. 20 tray cupboard unit • Tray storage with 20 single depth trays • 1 fixed and 4 adjustable shelves • W1030 x D485 x H1810mm Y15175S Beech with Locking Doors £746.00 Y15176S Maple, with Locking Doors £746.00 Unwrapped & Checked Ready Assembled EcoFriendly Construction  Express Delivery Trays Included