Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Storage 54 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS h1 height 531mm h2 height 617mm h3 height 703mm h4 height 789mm h7 height 1477mm h6 height 1133mm h5 height 961mm Four Column Tray Units F. 24 tray unit • W1358 x D462 x H617mm Y15733 Beech Open Front £385.00 Y15737 Beech, with Locking Doors £458.00 Y203046 Maple Open Front £385.00 Y203048 Maple, with Locking Doors £458.00 E. 28 tray unit • W1358 x D462 x H703mm Y15710 Beech Open Front £420.00 Y15711 Beech, with Locking Doors £493.00 Y203042 Maple Open Front £420.00 Y203044 Maple, with Locking Doors £493.00 G. 20 tray unit • W1358 x D462 x H531mm Y15719 Beech Open Front £352.00 Y15719D Beech with Doors £426.00 Y203050 Maple Open Front £352.00 Y203050D Maple with Doors £426.00 D. 32 tray unit • W1358 x D462 x H789mm Y15705 Beech Open Front £461.00 Y15707 Beech, with Locking Doors £535.00 Y203038 Maple Open Front £461.00 Y203040 Maple, with Locking Doors £535.00 B. 48 tray unit • W1358 x D462 x H1133mm Y15133 Beech Open Front £632.00 Y15133D Beech with Doors £706.00 Y203034 Maple Open Front £632.00 Y203034D Maple with Doors £706.00 A. 64 tray unit • W1358 x D462 x H1477mm Y15716 Beech Open Front £786.00 Y203032 Maple Open Front £786.00 • All units supplied complete with trays within the price. See pages 48-51 for colours and size options • Choice of Beech or Maple finish. Ask our sales office for details on other finishes available • Colour and size options: you can fill your unit with any combination of tray depth and colour which will fit into the space C. 40 tray unit • W1358 x D462 x H961mm Y15713 Beech Open Front £548.00 Y203036 Maple Open Front £548.00 Colours Maple Beech UKMADE Unwrapped & Checked Ready Assembled EcoFriendly Construction  Express Delivery Trays Included