Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Storage 51 Trays 52-55 Best Selling Storage Units 56-57 Tray Storage 56-59,63-75 Bookcases & Cupboards 59-62 Cubby Hole Tub Storage 69 Tidistore 70-71 Premium Storage 72-73 White Storage 74-75 Storage Cubes 76 Classroom Steps 76 Candy Colours 77-79 Curved Bookcases 80 Bag Storage 81 Colorstore 82-83 Art Storage 84-85 Storage Trolleys 86-87 CalStor Storage 88-89 Metal Storage 90-94 Fitted Storage 95-99 Classtore Modular 98-99 When it comes to updating classroom storage units, there are so many diverse requirements that it takes something beyond the average range to meet your needs. That’s where we can help! The following pages showcase our unique collection of storage products, from plastic tray storage units through to bespoke fitted systems. In most cases we trust you can find the ideal solution for your needs, but if not, or to discuss your requirements, please call our sales team. We have a wealth of experience and advice, available at absolutely no cost to you. Classroom Storage Classroom Storage