Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Storage 51 Tray Storage Units Overview 9. Select your mix of tray colours (and depths) from the extensive range available – see chart on page 50. h4 height 789mm h6 height 1133mm h2 height 617mm h7 height 1477mm Checklist for Choosing and Specifying Your Unit 1. How many trays do you need? 2. And of what depth? Note that within the price you can specify any mix of depths which will physically fit the unit. 1 x Deep tray = 2 x Shallow, 1 x Extra Deep = 3 x Shallow and 1 x Jumbo = 4 x Shallow. 3. Is there a preferred, uniform, top surface height? Look for the height icon h1, h2 etc which gives the height in mm. 4. How many bays wide for best fit into your workspaces? Units are available in 1, 2, 3 or even 4 columns of trays wide. 5. Carcass design - trays sliding on runners or sitting directly onto a shelf? 6. Castors or Fixed Plinth? Smaller units are fitted with castors as standard but some items can be specified with a static plinth at no extra cost. Note: heights quoted include height of castors. 7. Doors – locking doors can be fitted to most units as an optional extra. 8. Wood finish / Metal Frame Colours – Our standard MFC wood finishes are Beech (BE) or Maple (MP) but please ask for details of production order quantities and lead times for manufacturing in Grey, White, or other special finishes. Standard Metal Frame colour options are Silver, Powder Blue & Yellow. See page 86 for colour icons. Plinth 65mm Castors Shallow Shallow Shallow Shallow Deep Deep Extra Deep Shallow Jumbo = = = 10.For fitted installations see Classtore Modular system on pages 94-95.