Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Furniture 5 Flex Chair & Stax Tables 7 Express Delivery Items 8-9 Creative Cluster Tables 10-11 Calypso 12 Cantilever Tables 13 Premium Range 14-15 Classroom Tables 16-23 Craft Tables 24 Work Benches 25 Height Adjustable Desks 26 Wooden Locker Desks 27 Teacher’s Desks 28-29 Poly Chairs 30-35 The Poly Chair 30 Standfast Chair 31 Chiltern Chair 31 Classic Chair 32 Atlas Chair 33 Forum Chair 33 The Profile Chair 34 Contour Chair 34 Flow Chair 35 Mono Posture Chair 36,37 Roma Chair 37 Chevron Chair 38 Positive Posture 39 Ergo Chair 39 Pennine Posture Chair 40 Folding Chairs & Trolleys 41 Stools & High Chairs 42-45 Active Balance Stool 46 Upholstered Stools 46 Study Booths 47 Exam Desks & Chairs 48-49 Ordering school furniture can be a daunting task, especially when spending so much of your school budget. If you are kitting out a new classroom or replacing a number of tables and chairs then simply selecting from a catalogue may not be the best option. We can advise on the best table and chair heights, surfaces and edge options and the best classroom layouts for your needs. We have years of experience and will take all your needs into account - your budget, the age of the pupils, and the type of uses and environment that the furniture will be used in. Whether it is DT benches and stools, IT seating, or standard classroom furniture you require, we will be happy to advise on health and safety considerations, British Standards, lighting and ergonomics. There is no obligation to buy from us, but we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote and to prepare layout drawings for you to consider. We have the expertise to protect you from potentially costly mistakes, so please call us today to discuss your requirements. Classroom Furniture Classroom Furniture