Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Design & Refurbishment 439 Atlantic Blue Slate Grey Black Panther Black Cherry Mushroom Graphite Vinyl flooring Standard XL is a hardwearing and practical commercial floorcovering available in a choice of gauges to suit the application. Not suitable for wet areas. Featuring top-selling shades, representing the vast majority of volume sales, Standard XL is available in a duotone marbleised decoration. Carpet tile finishes Hard-wearing and highly functional, our carpet tiles are designed with affordable excellence in mind. A professional, smart-looking tile, the plain tile is available in 24 block colours, which seamlessly combines with Essence Stripe, Structure and Maze, providing unprecedented creative design opportunities. With its plain level loop pile structure, and a strong line of commercial colours, this product goes back to the pure essence of a flooring product. Essence Essence Stripe Essence Structure Essence Maze