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Other products from the Hush range Colours may vary HushBoard Acoustic Surface (d) Sound Diffusion - the sound strikes the surface and is scattered in many directions, like pins being hit by a bowling ball (a) (b) (c) (d) Hushboard Acoustic Surface Due to the limitations of print, colours will vary from those shown above. Call for a FREE sample swatch for accurate colour selection Transform your environment and comply with acoustic directives. Statistics have shown that 25% of children cannot hear properly in the classroom which can result in learning difficulties. Install HushBoard and boost their learning performance. HushBoard is a superb decorative wall covering, specifically developed to enhance the educational environment. Its felt surface transforms noisy interiors as well as creating a colourful, highly durable and exciting surrounding. • Perfect for use in schools, colleges and nurseries • Improves teaching and learning by absorbing excess classroom noise • Acoustic rating of NRC 0.40 is proven to reduce noise levels by 40% • Pin, staple and velcro friendly, perfect for displays! • Highly durable, resistant to staining and easily cleaned • Saves the time and expense of recovering traditional wall boards • Large range of 35 eyecatching, non fade colours • Professional fitting service available for your own imaginative designs • Recommended for a minimum 8 year cycle • Fire retardant • Call today for a sound survey and free quotation AvocadoSpearmint Sage Jade Lime Wasabi Granny Smith Azure Octane Stately Ink Stonewash Atlantis Electric Blue Calypso Blush PhantomRaspberry Theatre Chilli Red Blazing Red Lightsout Cinder Citrus Clay Simba Vintage Brilliant Orange Bark Porcelain Myst Fawn Sanz Koala Silver Civic Charcoal Noir (a) Sound transmission - the sound passes through the surface into the space beyond (b) Absorption - the surface absorbs the sound like a sponge absorbs water (c) Reflection - the sound hits the surface and changes direction like a ball bouncing off a wall. This creates reverberated noise. Acoustic Surfaces 407