Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Display 397 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS C. External tamperproof poster frames New snap frame design is fitted with a weather-proof seal preventing water damage. The special frame profile and higher strength springs prevent casual tampering as a unique tool is required to open the frame. • Weatherproof and tamperproof design • Supplied with opening tool • Ultraviolet protective film prevents fading YEPF1000 A4W210 x H297mm each £38.75 YEPF1001 A3W297 x H420mm each £43.50 YEPF1002 A2W420 x H594mm each £52.00 YEPF1003 A1W594 x H840mm each £73.25 YEPF1004 A0W840 x H1189mm each £116.45 YEPF1005 B2W500 x H700mm each £60.75 YEPF1006 B1W700 x H1000mm each £92.15 A. Aluminium poster frames • Budget poster frame • Frame snaps open and shut to change the poster • Satin anodised aluminium frame • Anti-glare uv resistant cover • Internal use • For quantities of more than 10, please ask for prices Y31005 A4W210 x H297mm £16.00 Y31007 A3W297 x H420mm £17.50 Y31009 A2W420 x H594mm £24.00 Y31011 A1W594 x H840mm £32.00 Y31013 A0W840 x H1189mm £49.00 Y31015 B2W500 x H700mm £35.20 Y31017 B1W700 x H1000mm £47.50 B. Coloured poster frames • Brightly coloured aluminium frame • Frame snaps open and shut to change the poster • Available in 5 striking colours • Internal use Y800200** A4W210 x H297mm £19.00 Y800210** A3W297 x H420mm £24.00 Y800220** A2W420 x H594mm £34.50 Y800230** A1W594 x H840mm £45.00 Y800240** A0W840 x H1189mm £68.25 Y800250** B2W500 x H700mm £37.50 Y800260** B1W700 x H1000mm £57.60 ** Please specify colour when ordering Poster Frames A B C Grey (GY) Green (GR) Black (BK) Blue (BL) White (WH) Red (RD)