Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Display 386 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Unframed Noticeboards A. Unframed noticeboards This superior frameless pinboard is made from a high quality board and felt to give a durable and effective product. • Can be mounted landscape or portrait • Mounts through the board fixings supplied • Available in Blue (BL), Burgundy (BG), Green (GR), Red (RD), Grey (GY) • Bespoke sizes available for large quantity enquiries • 1500 x 1200mm and larger are supplied in 2 parts YUNB9060** W900 x H600mm each £26.05 YUNB129** W1200 x H900mm each £35.15 YUNB1212** W1200 x H1200mm each £39.05 YUNB1512** W1500 x H1200mm each £48.75 YUNB1812** W1800 x H1200mm each £53.90 YUNB2412** W2400 x H1200mm each £65.00 ** Please specify colour when ordering Blue (BL) Grey (GY) Green (GR) Burgundy (BG) Felt colours: Red (RD) B. Colourtone vibrant unframed noticeboards Simple yet effective style noticeboards to brighten up areas of any establishment. • Can be mounted landscape or portrait • Frameless design • Available in 6 vibrant colours • 3 largest sizes are supplied in 2 parts Y801900** W900 x H600mm each £33.70 Y801904** W1200 x H900mm each £45.00 Y801905** W1200 x H1200mm each £52.70 Y801907** W1500 x H1200mm each £62.65 Y801909** W1800 x H1200mm each £80.10 Y801911** W2400 x H1200mm each £82.00 ** Please specify colour when ordering Apple Green (AG) Purple (PR) Orange (OR) Lilac (LL) Magenta (MG) Cyan (CY) Fabric colours: A B C C. Unframed EcoColour ® noticeboards A fantastic range of recycled noticeboards that are not only fire resistant but also have acoustic properties. These boards are made from recycled plastic and in the production of the 1200 x 900mm option there are typically 33 x 25g plastic bottles • Noticeboard is classified a ‘B’ according to BS EN13501-1 • Made from recycled materials • Acoustic properties up to NRC 0.8 • Self- coloured pinnable core • Available in 11 different colours Y801500** W900 x H600mm each £32.15 Y801502** W1200 x H900mm each £53.20 Y801504** W1200 x H1200mm each £69.30 Y801506** W1500 x H1200mm each £84.05 Y801508** W1800 x H1200mm each £102.30 Y801510** W2400 x H1200mm each £131.75 ** Please specify colour when ordering Raspberry RS Purple PU Blue BL Apple Green AP Orange OR Red RD Grey GY Charcoal CH Natural NA Lt Blue LB Green GR Acoustic Properties FIRE RESISTANT Ideal for escape routes/corridors UKMADE