Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Display 383 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Framed Noticeboards A. Aluminium framed noticeboards Made in the UK to the highest standards. • Felt accepts Velcro® as well as pins - colour fast to BS1006 • Available in 5 standard felt colours - Blue (BL), Burgundy (BG), Red (RD), Green (GR), Grey (GY) or traditional cork • Flush fix corners conceal wall fixings (supplied) YNBS64** W600 x H450mm each £24.30 YNBS96** W900 x H600mm each £25.70 YNBS129** W1200 x H900mm each £35.40 YNBS1212** W1200 x H1200mm each £44.20 YNBS1512** W1200 x H1500mm each £53.90 YNBS1812** W1200 x H1800mm each £66.75 YNBS2412** W1200 x H2400mm each £85.30 ** Please specify colour when ordering B. Colourtone vibrant noticeboards • Colourtone range features 6 vibrant and contemporary colours that add a modern accent to an everyday product. • New range of bright contemporary coloured fabric finishes • Fabric accepts Velcro as well as pins • Aluminium frames • Flush fix corners conceal wall fixings • 3 smaller size options available - please enquire Y31000** W900 x H600mm each £35.20 Y31002** W1200 x H900mm each £52.80 Y31005A** W1200 x H1200mm each £62.25 Y31007A** W1500 x H1200mm each £80.60 Y31008** W1800 x H1200mm each £99.90 Y31011A** W2400 x H1200mm each £128.05 ** Please specify colour when ordering Cork (CK) A B C Apple Green (AG) Purple (PR) Orange (OR) Lilac (LL) Magenta (MG) Cyan (CY) Fabric colours: Blue (BL) Grey (GY) Green (GR) Burgundy (BG) Felt colours: Red (RD) Best Seller C. Eco-friendly noticeboards Ever popular range offering an environmental choice at an economical price and made in the UK • Almost entirely constructed from timber industry bi- products and recycled materials • Attractive contoured 35mm wide frame is available in a choice of light oak, or aluminium effect finishes • Available in 5 felt colours: Blue (BL), Burgundy (BG), Green (GR), Grey (GY), Red (RD) or Traditional Cork (CK) • Felt accept both pins and Velcro®, cork option is pinnable • Boards can be mounted portrait or landscape with concealed fixings provided YECF96** W900 x H600mm each £31.30 YECF129** W1200 x H900mm each £45.75 YECF1212** W1200 x H1200mm each £52.40 YECF1512** W1500 x H1200mm each £79.40 YECF1812** W1800 x H1200mm each £84.05 YECF2412** W2400 x H1200mm each £101.10 ** Please specify colour of material and frame when ordering Lt Oak (LO) Aluminium (AL) Frame options Cork (CK) Blue (BL) Grey (GY) Green (GR) Burgundy (BG) Felt colours: Red (RD) UKMADE UKMADE