Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Display 375 Whiteboards 376-378 Glass Boards 379 Mobile Whiteboards 380-381 Flipchart Easels 382-383 Projection Screens 384 Interactive Flat Panel Display Boards 385 Noticeboards 386-393 Exterior Showcases 394-395 Folding Display Systems 396-399 Display Showcases 400-401 Lecterns 402 AV Cabinets 403 Having a display that looks effective and attractive can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Our large range of high quality display products will assist you in presenting your student’s work to look its best as well as adding a feature to your classroom or school. Whether you require just one notice board or a complete display system we can fulfill your requirements to your best advantage. If there is something you are looking for and can’t find it in our catalogue please give us a call; we are sure we will be able to source it for you. Presentation & Display Presentation & Display