Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Display 373 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Whiteboards A. Coloured edge frameless whiteboards • The tough ABS colour edging adds a modern accent to an everyday product • Frameless whiteboard with a coloured edge • Mounts flush to the wall • Choice of 6 bright colours with matching caps • Ideal for mounting side by side • Please note: these boards are frameless so sizes shown are nominal Y31060** W900 x H600mm each £38.95 Y31062** W1200 x H900mm each £55.45 Y31064** W1200 x H1200mm each £66.15 Y31066** W1500 x H1200mm each £92.55 Y31068** W1800 x H1200mm each £104.95 Y31070** W2400 x H1200mm each £125.75 **Please specify colour when ordering Red (RD) Yellow (YW) White (WH) Black (BK) Green (GR) Blue (BL) A B C B. Light oak effect premium aluminium frame whiteboard Stunning light oak wood effect aluminium frame with a traditional yet contemporary finish without the maintenance of real wood. • Coated Steel Surface accepts magnets • Attractive contoured frame design • Concealed corner fixings Y801650 W900 x H600mm each £71.15 Y801652 W1200 x H900mm each £98.70 Y801646 W1200 x H1200mm each £125.75 Y801648 W1500 x H1200mm each £162.30 Y801654 W1800 x H1200mm each £175.55 Y801656 W2400 x H1200mm each £202.65 C. Coloured edge premium aluminium frame whiteboard • Concealed corner fixings • Coated steel surface accepts magnets • Available in 4 different colours Y801150 W900 x H600mm each £82.50 Y801152 W1200 x H900mm each £111.90 Y801154 W1200 x H1200mm each £134.60 Y801156 W1500 x H1200mm each £175.35 Y801158 W1800 x H1200mm each £187.10 Y801160 W2400 x H1200mm each £215.46 **Please specify colour when ordering Green (GR) Blue (BL) White (WH) Red (RD)