Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Office Furniture 366 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Wardrobe Shelf Letter Sorter Roll Out Shelf Lateral Filing Frame Slotted Shelf / Slotted Shelf Divider Roll Out Slotted Drawer / Shelf Dividers Plain Shelf, 270mm hanging Roll Out Suspended Filing Frame Plain Shelf, 330mm hanging Cupboard fittings With a range of 9 internals, all your storage requirements are covered; and remember all internals can be used in our range of Lugano Side Tambours, Vertical Tambours as well as Open Fronted Cupboards. • Please note that roll-out items are only recommended in the bottom half of the units • Remember to specify anti-tilt with roll-out filing Lugano & Lugano Lugano Premium Executive Plain Shelf 330mm Hanging YCAPSP1SD Y785053 £19.03 Wardrobe Shelf YCAWSP1 Y785056 £41.77 Lateral Filing Frame YCALFP1 Y785050 £27.30 Roll Out Shelf YCARSP1SD Y785054 £75.67 Letter Sorter YCALSP1SD Y785051 £170.15 Roll Out Slotted Drawer YCADRP1SD N/A £112.32 Shelf Dividers for above Pk5 Y700150 N/A £18.90 Slottted Shelf YCASSP1SD Y785055 £34.59 Shelf Dividers for above PK5 YCASDP5SD N/A £40.39 Plain Shelf 270mm Hanging YCAPSF1SD Y785052 £37.84 Roll out Suspended Filing Frame YSDCARFP1 Y785057 £125.46 UKMADE