Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Office Furniture 356 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Internal fitment options Metal Combi Shelf Glass Shelf LED Coat Rail Wooden Shelf Heavy Duty Double Drawer Inside Storage Static Coat Hanger Roll-out Filing Frame Pigeon Hole Unit Lateral Filing Frame Pull-out Hanging Rail Roll-out Storage Drawer LED Shelf Lighting Design options To further increase the flexibility of the solution available you also have the ability to specify the cupboard functionality using our diverse range of cupboard designs. For space saving and areas such as corridors where access is a key issue utilise the tambour front or sliding doors, for maximum storage the full height doors ‘fit the bill’, or where something a bit different is needed why not consider wave doors? Variations include split height doors and direct access filing, with the option of glass display alcoves. To increase versatility incorporate lockers and hot desking pedestals for nomadic working practices. Fullheightdoors Verticaltambourdoors Wavestordoors Open fronted Splitheightdoors Door / drawer combo Displayalcove F ll ig t rs rtic lt r rs v st r rs fr t S lit ig t rs r / r r c is l y lc v Full height Vertical Tambour Wave doors Open fronted Split height Door/drawer Display alcove doors doors doors comb Image Ref. 770200