Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

For critical colour matching please ask for a sample Red Charcoal Grey† Yellow Lime Blue Burgundy† Purple Green Orange Sky Blue †Black Midnight Blue Classroom Furniture 35 Posture Chairs Seat Height Width 5-29 30+ Y15400 310mm 360mm £22.20 POA Y15402 350mm 430mm £23.10 POA Y15404 380mm 430mm £23.70 POA Y15406 430mm 480mm £28.10 POA Y15408 460mm 480mm £29.95 POA Y15409 Linking Attachment each £2.95 • The Titan chair is the first one-piece polypropylene chair that has attained EN1729 certification • The benefit of one-piece polypropylene chairs is well documented in terms of their longevity (20 year guarantee), comfort and safety in the classroom • With no screws or rivets, no sharp edges and no metal work to rust, the Posture chair offers all the benefits of a one-piece chair with the added EN1729 certification • The Titan chair complies fully with EN1729 height regulations, but is also one of the few chairs that meets its posture and sitting position requirements • Can be stacked 15 high & offers excellent value for money • Orders of less than 30 chairs may carry a carriage charge • Hand hold • Integral lumbar support • Flat seat and waterfall front removes pressure points • Leg rake to prevent tilting Linking clip Stackable 15 high A. Positive Posture chairs †Sizes 310, 350 and 380 are not available in Burgundy, Grey, Black or Midnight Blue A B PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Best Seller Orders for less than 10 chairs may carry a carriage charge 20 Year Warranty B. Ergo chair • Latest ergonomic design • Heavy duty - tested for 158kg user weight • Fully recyclable • Unique top edge gives a hand grip for safe lifting • Advanced pelvic and lower spine support • Stacks efficiently - 10 chairs take only 1500mm Seat Height 1-29 30+ Y100225 430 £25.80 POA Y100226 460 £26.60 POA 25 Year Warranty Flame For critical colour matching please ask for a sample Purple Indian Red Charcoal Blue Quantity rates available UKMADE