Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Office Furniture 339 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Y41598* £358.00 Y41606* £473.00 Y41614* £502.00 Y41602* £499.00 Y41738* £729.00 Y41622* £625.00 3 shelf unit - 1725mm high Y41686* £605.00 Y41634* £433.00 Y41638* £550.00 Y41658* £589.00 Y41682* £615.00 4 shelf unit 2141mm high Y41578* £346.00 Y41590* £489.00 Y41582* £489.00 Y41566* £244.00 Y41570* £347.00 Y41558* £215.00 Y41562* £299.00 Desk high unit • 725mm high x 350mm deep 1 shelf unit • 893mm high 2 shelf unit - 1309mm high Y41646* £670.00 Y41810* £855.00 Y41794* £690.00 Y41822* £830.00 Y41666* £705.00 • The Orbit Storage range is extremely flexible and versatile • The undoubted quality of this storage range allows for a seven year guarantee on all products • The slim-line 330mm depth of the adjustable shelved units also provides efficient space utilisation within the office or classroom • All units are 800mm wide • All units are constructed with 25mm tops and 18mm sides & back panels • Please specify wood finish • Finishes include Maple, Beech, Lt Oak, Birch, White & Walnut • Add doors in a contrasting wood finish to achieve that extra individuality Orbit Storage 7 Year Warranty We recommend all units over 1200mm tall are fitted to the wall for safety purposes. Please contact us for a quotation