Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

A. Rectangular workstations YSR6* L600 x D800mm £181.00 YSR8* L800 x D800mm £234.00 YSR10* L1000 x D800mm £262.00 YSR12* L1200 x D800mm £287.00 YSR14* L1400 x D800mm £322.00 YSR16* L1600 x D800mm £342.00 YSR18* L1800 x D800mm £369.00 Office Furniture 338 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS B. Crescent desks right hand • W1200 x D800mm Length mm YSRH14* L1400mm £399.00 YSRH16* L1600mm £438.00 YSRH18* L1800mm £469.00 D. Wave desks right hand • Depth 1000mm Length mm YSWRH12* L1200mm £322.00 YSWRH14* L1400mm £352.00 YSWRH16* L1600mm £378.00 E. Wave desks left hand • Depth 1000mm Length mm YSWLH12* L1200mm £322.00 YSWLH14* L1400mm £352.00 YSWLH16* L1600mm £378.00 G. Mobile pedestals • H542 x W400 x D600mm YSM62D* 2 Drawer £299.00 YSM63D* 3 Drawer £299.00 H. Desk high pedestals • H725 x W400mm YS63D* 600mmdeep 3 Drawer £270.00 YS64D* 600mmdeep 4 Drawer £270.00 YS83D* 800mmdeep 3 Drawer £329.00 YS84D* 800mmdeep 4 Drawer £329.00 *Please specify colour when ordering All desks are 725mm high Orbit Panel Leg Desks Please specify wood finish. Colours shown may not be representative of actual colours - please ask for a sample Monitor arms & CPU holders 352-353 Page Link - see pages Beech Light Oak Maple Birch White Walnut C. Crescent desks left hand • W1200 x D800mm Length mm YSLH14* L1400mm £399.00 YSLH16* L1600mm £438.00 YSLH18* L1800mm £469.00 7 Year Warranty Best Seller Phone For Bulk Prices F. Pedestals • H725 x W443mm YSDHP36 D600mm 3 Drawer - Desk High £432.00 YSDHP46 D600mm 4 Drawer - Desk High £432.00 YSDHP38 D800mm 3 Drawer - Desk High £479.00 YSDHP48 D800mm 4 Drawer - Desk High £479.00 YSMP3 Under Desk Pedestal L430 x D600 x H665mmDrawer £422.00