Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Office Furniture 316 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS YX2T101 Tambour Cupboard £515.00 BASE OPTIONS Wooden Plinth Base With hidden adjustable feet for levelling purposes. This option is the standard base on all units unless otherwise specified. Size mm Y701910 800 £32.00 Y701911 1000 £39.00 Y701912 1200 £42.00 Y701913 1600 £48.00 Plastic Feet Black plastic feet, adjustable feet for levelling purposes. NB This foot option is smaller than the others and therefore lowers the overall unit height by 57mm. Y701916 set £15.00 Nova Feet Square, tubular metal feet, adjustable for levelling purposes. Available in White (E), Silver (M), and Dark Grey (T1). Size mm Y701914 800-1000 £32.00 Y701915 1200-1600 £32.00 1000mm WIDE, 2 LEVEL YX5F081 Bookcase & Sidefiler, A4 Files Only £979.00 YX5N081 Bookcase £359.00 YX5H081 Cupboard £469.00 YX5C081 Cupboard £599.00 YX5G081 Cupboard with Glass Doors £765.00 800mm WIDE, 5 LEVEL YX6N081 Bookcase £427.00 YX6C081 Cupboard £654.00 YX6H081 Cupboard £499.00 800mm WIDE, 6 LEVEL (Strongly recommend these units are fixed back to wall) YX2N101 Bookcase £229.00 YX2C101 Cupboard £375.00 YX2F101 Sidefiler £917.00 YX2S101 Cupboard £399.00 H1954mm H2320mm H834mm YX1N081 Wall Unit £119.00 YX1C081 Wall Unit with Doors £168.00 WALL MOUNTED UNIT, 1 SHELF H370mm Plinths have to be ordered separately. See bottom of page for options. We recommend all units over 1200mm tall are fitted to the wall for safety purposes. Please contact us for a quotation