Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Office Furniture 315 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS YX2F081 Sidefiler Alpine X-Range • A choic e of over 60 cupboard and bookcase combinations to match all the Alpine ranges • All storage units have 19mm carcasses, 25mm tops to complement desking, height adjustable levellers and finished backs, i.e. may be used as room dividers. Includes height adjustable shelves • All cupboards include locks • For plinth options see page 316. Plinths have to be ordered separately. • X-RANGE STORAGE is 425mm deep except where otherwise indicated 9MFC finishes available – see page 313 YX5N061 Bookcase YX5C061 Cupboard RHHandle YX5C062 Cupboard LHHandle YX5H061 Cupboard RHHandle YX5H062 Cupboard LHHandle 600mm WIDE, 5 LEVEL H1954mm YX2N081 Bookcase YX2C081 Cupboard 800mm WIDE, 2 LEVEL H834mm YX4N081 Bookcase YX4H081 Cupboard YX4C081 Cupboard 800mm WIDE, 4 LEVEL H1588mm YX6N061 Bookcase YX6C061 Cupboard RHHandle YX6C062 Cupboard LHHandle 600mm WIDE, 6 LEVEL H2320mm £382.00 £382.00 £438.00 £438.00 £320.00 £535.00 £535.00 £395.00 £809.00 £318.00 £189.00 £499.00 £419.00 £310.00 800mm WIDE, 3 LEVEL H1211mm YX3N081 Bookcase £252.00 YX3C081* Cupboard £385.00 A4 Files Only 5 Year Warranty We recommend all units over 1200mm tall are fitted to the wall for safety purposes. Please contact us for a quotation