Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Office Furniture 311 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS 740 2400-3600 800 740 1200-1800 1640 Nova Bench Desking System Beauty in simplicity. Nova combines clean and minimal aesthetics with great functionality. The Nova shared leg system keeps costs and assembly time down to a minimum. Recessed legs on all central locations make for clear, easy working. Three desktop options - scoop back for easy, low-cost cable management, tops with cutouts for large cable ports or straight tops for the ultimate in clean lines - all at the same price. • Prices shown are for Group 1 finish DESK Desk with scoop back YDNA125 L1200mm £375.00 YDNA145 L1400mm £399.00 YDNA165 L1600mm £435.00 YDNA185 L1800mm £466.00 740 1200-1800 800 2 DESK SQUARE BENCH 2 desk square bench with scoop backs YDNS126 L1200mm £654.00 YDNS146 L1400mm £678.00 YDNS166 L1600mm £732.00 YDNS186 L1800mm £810.00 4 DESK SQUARE BENCH 2 DESK LONG BENCH 2 desk long bench with scoop backs YDNS248 L2400mm £716.00 YDNS288 L2800mm £755.00 YDNS328 L3200mm £815.00 YDNS368 L3600mm £884.00 N.B. The furniture shown here is just a small section of the Nova range - please ask for our full Range Guide. 740 1200-1800 800 1640 4 desk square bench with scoop backs YDNS247 L2400mm £1209.00 YDNS287 L2800mm £1257.00 YDNS327 L3200mm £1421.00 YDNS367 L3600mm £1549.00 740 2400-3600 EXTENSION FOR LONG BENCH Long desk extension with scoop back YDND128 L1200mm £341.00 YDND148 L1400mm £356.00 YDND168 L1600mm £380.00 YDND188 L1800mm £418.00 740 1200-1800 1640 EXTENSION FOR SQUARE BENCH Extension for square bench with scoop back YDND127 L1200mm £555.00 YDND147 L1400mm £579.00 YDND167 L1600mm £689.00 YDND187 L1800mm £739.00 5 Year Warranty All desks also available in 700mm depth. Ideal for IT suites Beech White White Oak Group 1 Colours Tobacco Walnut Group 2 Colours Desk Top Colour Options Wood & colour finishes may not be representative of actual colours - please ask for a sample Amber Oak Sand Ash Pearl Grey Grey Nordic Wood Cubanit Grey