Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Office Furniture 310 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Accessories Cable Trays YZNZ001 L1400 xW180mm £66.00 YZNZ002 L1600 xW180mm £74.00 YZNZ004 L1400 xW180mm £66.00 YZNZ005 L1600 xW180mm £74.00 YZNZ007 L1400 xW180mm £66.00 YZNZ008 L1600 xW180mm £74.00 Cable Ports YZNZ010 L320 xW130mm £65.00 Shared Cable Trays for Bench Desking YCTS110 L1100 xW180 x H110mm £68.00 YCTS140 L1400 xW180 x H110mm £80.00 YCNM080 YCNM120 YCNM100 YBNA180 YBNA200 YCNM143 YCNM163 YCNM144 YCNM164 YZNZ001 YZNZ002 YZNZ004 YZNZ005 YZNZ007 YZNZ008 YCTS110 YCTS140 YZNZ010 Tables YCNM080 L800 xW800 x H740mm £335.00 YCNM120 L1200 xW1200 x H740mm £506.00 YBNA180 L1800 xW1000 x H740mm £515.00 YBNA200 L2000 xW1000 x H740mm £535.00 YCNM100 Diameter 1000 x H740mm £334.00 YCNM143 L1400 xW1640 x H740mm £665.00 YCNM163 L1600 xW1640 x H740mm £703.00 YCNM144 L1400 xW1640 x H740mm £637.00 YCNM164 L1600 xW1640 x H740mm £672.00 • Modern, minimal and charming • Nova conference tables have the huge benefit of no intermediate legs along the sides no matter how long you make the table. Freedom of movement with comfort, especially when you have to pack that extra person in • Ultra modern technical design includes full optional cable mangagement for IT supported conferences. Don't miss the matching Nova bench desking system on page 311 • Infinitely extendable using extensions YCNM144 and YCNM164 • Prices shown are for Group 1 finish Nova Conference Tables White Silver Grey Frame Options Beech White White Oak Group 1 Colours Tobacco Walnut Group 2 Colours Alpine Tables MFC Finishes Wood & colour finishes may not be representative of actual colours - please ask for a sample Amber Oak Sand Ash Pearl Grey Grey Nordic Wood Cubanit Grey