Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Office Furniture 307 Alpine 308-313, 317-321 Nova 314-316, 350 Wilmington 322-341, 349-350 Arlington Contract 342-343 Chalvington 344-346, 348 Vermont 347 Pigeon Hole Units 349 Arundel 351 Screens 352-353 Cable Management 354-357 Storagewall 358-361 Metal Filing Cabinets 362-363 Metal Cupboards 364-366 Steel Storage 367-370 Safes 371-373 In the following pages you will find a beautiful and practical choice of tables of every size and type. Folding and flip-top for multi-use areas, boardroom tables for where it gets serious and much more – let's not forget coffee tables and staff room needs. Need help planning? – ring us today, we are always delighted to help. Office Furniture Office Furniture Due to limitations in the printing process, wood and colour finishes shown throughout the catalogue may not be representative of actual colour. Samples are available on request.