Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Office Furniture 306 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Alpine Cantilever Leg Desking A superb range of cantilever twin leg desking. This attractive range includes almost 30 different desk shapes and sizes to fit every situation. Quality 25mm tops in a choice of seven finishes. • Prices shown are for Group 1 finish • Frames are also available in a white finish - please ask Crescent workstations YDCD081 L800mm £219.00 YDCD101 L1000mm £234.00 YDCD121 L1200mm £261.00 Workstations extensions Wave workstations 1000 Straight workstations 800-1200 600 800-1800 800 1200-1600 800 1000 YDCA081 L800mm £264.00 YDCA101 L1000mm £284.00 YDCA121 L1200mm £305.00 YDCA141 L1400mm £319.00 YDCA161 L1600mm £347.00 YDCA181 L1800mm £368.00 YDCL141 Left L1400 xW1200mm £438.00 YDCR141 Right L1400 xW1200mm £438.00 YDCL161 Left L1600 xW1200mm £463.00 YDCR161 Right L1600 xW1200mm £463.00 YDCL181 Left L1800 xW1200mm £490.00 YDCR181* Right L1800 xW1200mm £490.00 YDCB120 Symmetrical Corner L1200 xW1200 x D600mm £399.00 YDCL122 Left L1200mm £333.00 YDCR122 Right L1200mm £333.00 YDCL142 Left L1400mm £356.00 YDCR142 Right L1400mm £356.00 YDCL162 Left L1600mm £374.00 YDCR162 Right L1600mm £374.00 Right Hand Wave 800mmdeep also available POA Right Hand Crescent 1400-1800 800 1200 YOEVCRW W100 x H600mm White £22.00 YOEVCRS W100 x H600mm Silver £22.00 Smart triple compartment vertical cable trunk, push fits into leg. Recommended for use with modesty fix cable trays - see page 353 Plastic push-fit leg insert 600 5 Year Warranty COMPLETE ALPINE RANGE Panel Leg Desks 304 Pedestals 313 Conference Tables 309 Nova Bench Desking 311 Meeting Tables 307-309 Height 720mm Height 720mm Height 720mm Height 720mm