Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Table Top Plants Receptions 305 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Office Plants Office plants and interior landscaping are an important element in workspace design. This offers huge benefits to staff engagement and well-being whilst simultaneously enhancing your image to prospective parents, clients and visitors. This selection of replica plants offers an opportunity to gain all the aesthetic benefits. Replica plants are virtually zero maintenance, made with the finest materials and manufactured with expertise so that most would struggle to tell the difference from the real thing. There are many benefits to furnishing your office or workspace environment with plants. The introduction of natural forms has been proven to create a calming influence which in turn improves concentration – and ultimately productivity. If you would prefer the real thing, please get in contact with us. Green Wall Panels Each wall panel measures approx. 1000 x 1000mm P Y500234 Trell8 GreenWall Panel £165.00 Q Y500235 Cheviot GreenWall Panel – UV Rated £289.00 R Y500236 R8 GreenWall Panel – FR & UV Rated £439.00 Table Top Plants A Y500214 Phalaenopsis Orchid Display £64.00 B Y500215 Vanda Orchid Plant Display £85.00 C Y500216 Lavender Plant Display £48.00 D Y500217 Boston Fern Plant Display £48.00 E Y500218 Green Fern Plant Display £48.00 F Y500219 Ivy Plant Display £33.00 Floor Standing Displays G Y500225 Bird of Paradise Plant £275.00 H Y500226 Pandanus Plant £289.00 I Y500227 Bamboo Plant £265.00 J Y500228 Ficus Contract Green Plant £299.00 K Y500229 Mother-In-Law Tongue Plant £284.00 L Y500230 Dracaena Reflexa Plant £349.00 M Y500231 Buxus Ball Plant £349.00 N Y500232 Buxus Spiral Plant £309.00 O Y500233 Triple Buxus Ball Plant £388.00 A C B D F E G I H J L K M O N P R Q Floor Standing Displays Green Wall Panels