Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Receptions 299 The Alpen Evoke the feel of nature in your spaces with this reception desk inspired by the shapes of the Alps. Crafted not only to make guests feel welcome but also to suit the demands of a modern reception area. The Alpen integrates functionality with grace and timeless design, gains guests’ attention and makes for an atmosphere of comfort and trust. The high gloss front and timeless colours delight with their severity, which is additionally emphasized by an illuminated metal kick plate. The glass reception combines aesthetics with functionality, and the modular construction createsa variety of straight and corner sets. By employing a low module segment with an overhang top, the reception eases access for disabled users. Thanks to these features Alpen fulfills the requirements of different types of spaces, from small receptions to large lobbies. Black Glass Silver Glass Front, Counter & Body Options White Glass