Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Seating 245 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Reception & Staffroom Seating Image shows shallow privacy panels Beech Frame Optional extra - POA Bracket 90° Bracket Ravenna • This premium sofa range is available in single, two seat and three seat configurations, with a choice of LH and RH arm options to allow you to get creative • The Ravenna sofa range will elevate any workspace, meeting, breakout, or waiting room interior • Black skid base frame supplied as standard • Optional Beech frame - POA YRLB1 Single Seater £475.00 YRLB10 Single Seater w/ Back £772.00 YRLB12A Armchair w/ Back Panel £1127.00 YRLB15A Armchair w/ Shallow Privacy Panels £1689.00 YRLB15AL LH Single Seat w/ Shallow Privacy Panel £1231.00 YRLB15AR RH Single Seat w/ Shallow Privacy Panel £1231.00 YRLB1A Single Seater Armchair £831.00 YRLB1AL Single Seater w/ Left Arm £652.00 YRLB1AR Single Seater w/ Right Arm £652.00 YRLB2 2 Seater £737.00 YRLB20 2 Seater w/ Back £1283.00 YRLB22A 2 Seater w/ Back Panel £1640.00 YRLB25A 2 Seat w/ Back Panel & Shallow Panels £2201.00 YRLB25AL 2 Seat w/ L/Hand Shallow Privacy Panel £1742.00 YRLB25AR 2 Seat w/ R/ Hand Shallow Privacy Panel £1742.00 YRLB2A 2 Seater w/ Arms £1092.00 YRLB2AL 2 Seater w/ Left Arm £915.00 YRLB2AR 2 Seater w/ Right Arm £915.00 YRLB3 3 Seater £1143.00 YRLB30 3 Seater w/ Back £1917.00 YRLB32A 3 Seater Armchair w/ Back Panels £2273.00 YRLB35A 3 Seat Armchair w/ Shallow Privacy Panels £2834.00 YRLB35AL 3 Seat w/back LH Arm & Shallow Arm £2375.00 YRLB35AR 3 Seat w/back RH Arm & Shallow Arm £2375.00 YRLB3A 3 Seater Armchair £1499.00 YRLB3AL 3 Seater w/ LH Arm £1321.00 YRLB3AR 3 Seater w/ RH Arm £1321.00 Unlimited fabrics available Prices shown are for Era, Phoenix, Rivet & X2 - see pages 288-290. Please contact us for prices on other fabrics. Colour Options