Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Seating 217 Quick Search Guide 218-219 Soft Seating For Libraries, Staffrooms, 220-249 Receptions, 6th Forms, Breakout Coffee Tables 250-251 Operator Seating 252-257 Task Seating 258-261 Executive Seating 262-263 Ergonomic Back Care Seating 264-265 Conference & Cafe Seating 266-277 Executive Conference Seating 278-279 Seating Size Guide 280-283 Fabric Swatches 284-287 When you buy seating, you are buying comfort. We understand that work demands long hours of sitting and the chair sat on will make an impact not only on the quality of work delivered and students results, but also on users health. All our seating ranges are selected for their excellent fit into learning environments, and our soft seating and reception ranges are designed to inspire and invigorate staff, visitors, and students alike. Seating Seating