Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Libraries & Learning Zones 215 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS • Ideal for library areas, receptions, common rooms, in fact they fit anywhere! • Seat height 440mm • Please call for bulk discounts Readingzone Early Years Versions 115 Page Link - see page View more styles... 251 Page Link - see page Round stool • H440 X D400mm YSTYROF* Fabric £235.50 YSTYROV* Vinyl £251.00 Square stool • H440 X W400 X D400mm YSTYSQF* Fabric £237.50 YSTYSQV* Vinyl £252.00 Two seater bench • H440 X W800 X D400mm YSTY2F* Fabric £275.00 YSTY2V* Vinyl £298.00 Three seater bench • H440 X W1200 X D400mm YSTY3F* Fabric £329.00 YSTY3V* Vinyl £356.00 Oval stool • H440 X W780 X D400mm YSTYOVF* Fabric £282.50 YSTYOVV* Vinyl £291.00 Wedge stool • H440 X W530/400 X D400mm YSTYWGF* Fabric £224.00 YSTYWGV* Vinyl £244.00 Quadrant stool • H440 X W 860 X D400mm YSTYQUF* Fabric £292.00 YSTYQUV* Vinyl £314.00 Tangent stool • H440 X W790 X D400mm YSTYTGF* Fabric £367.50 YSTYTGV* Vinyl £373.50 Large island stool • H840/440 X D1340mm YSTYISF * Fabric £917.00 YSTYISV * Vinyl £971.00 Unlimited fabrics available Prices shown are for Phoenix, Era and Rivet fabrics only - see pages 288-289. Please contact us for prices on other fabrics. Colour Options 5 Year Warranty Best Seller Arrow stool • H440 x W400 x D600mm Y420130* Fabric £244.50 Y420132* Vinyl £261.00 UK MADE