Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Y400132 Verve The opportunities are endless with the Verve range - simply intertwine pieces to create a unique, creative library or learning area. Verve units are chunky, very comfortable and available in H250, H450 or H650mm. Prices shown are for H450mm. Other configurations available, please just ask! Libraries & Learning Zones 213 Y400124 Y400136 Y400120 Verve One Seater Y400122 Verve Two Seater Y400124 Verve Three Seater Y400126 Verve Five Seater Y400128 Verve Join Three Seater Y400130 Verve Join Four Seater Y400132 Verve Join Five Seater Y400134 Verve Join Six Seater Y400136 Verve Join Three Seater Pod PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS UK MADE Causeway • These irregular hexagonal form seats are available in 2 heights that serve as both sitting and backrest units • Can be freely combined in infinite arrangements • Ideal for chillout zones, waiting areas and entrance halls • Connected with black, powder coated metal links YCWAYHU High Unit (750mm) £355.00 YCWAYLU Low Unit (450mm) £274.00 Y400260 Side Table £250.00 Y400120 Y400122