Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Libraries & Learning Zones 194 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Kandi The Kandi range allows you to create an instant library or reading corner in any space. Mix and match units to create immersive student areas. Available in 7 bright colours and 2 wood finishes. Y400100 Island Set H1500 xW1450 x D350mm £1865.00 Y400102 Reading Straight Set H1500 xW1450 x D350mm £858.00 Y400104 Reading Corner Set H1500 xW1465 x D1465mm £1725.50 Y400106 Book Tree Oval H1500 xW900 x D320mm £338.00 Y400108 Book Tree Triangle H1500 xW900 x D320mm £338.00 Y400110 Display & Browse set H1250 xW2250 x D350mm £1164.50 Y400112 Display & Browse with Stools set H1250 xW2250 x D350mm £1503.50 Y400114 Reading Nook H1500 xW2700 x D676mm £1958.00 Y400116 Hideaway Play Nook H1250 xW1700 x D676mm £1370.00 Y400118 Hideaway Double Nook H1250 xW2100 x D676mm £1504.00 Y400100 Y400102 Y400104 Y400106 Y400108 Y400110 Y400112 Y400114 Y400116 Y400118 Red Beech Blue Orange Pink Green Maple Plum Pale Blue Apple Cobalt Blue Fuschia Lemon Red Orange Turquoise Violet Kandi Colour Options Kandi Upholstery Colour Options UK MADE