Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Furniture 19 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS A. 1100 x 550mm rectangular • Welded frame tables MDF Edge 1-29 30+ Y15638A H460mm £126.30 POA Y15642 H530mm £126.30 POA Y15646 H590mm £126.30 POA Y15650 H640mm £126.30 POA Y15654B H710mm £126.30 POA Y15658A H760mm £126.30 POA Square PVC Edge 1-29 30+ Y15640 H460mm £133.50 POA Y15644 H530mm £133.50 POA Y15648 H590mm £133.50 POA Y15652A H640mm £133.50 POA Y15656A H710mm £133.50 POA Y15660 H760mm £133.50 POA B. 600 x 600mm square • Welded frame tables • Single tray MDF Edge 1-29 30+ Y15662 H460mm £88.10 POA Y15666 H530mm £88.10 POA Y15670 H590mm £88.10 POA Y15674 H640mm £88.10 POA Y15678 H710mm £88.10 POA Y15682 H760mm £88.10 POA Square PVC Edge 1-29 30+ Y15664 H460mm £93.80 POA Y15668 H530mm £93.80 POA Y15672 H590mm £93.80 POA Y15676 H640mm £93.80 POA Y15680 H710mm £93.80 POA Y15684 H760mm £93.80 POA Tray tables can also be supplied with a Polyurethane edge instead of PVC- ring for details Edge Options Square PVC Edge Rounded* MDF Edge PVC Edge Colours Grey Blue Red Green Yellow Beech Please specify: 1. frame colour 2. top colour 3. edge colour (if PVC) 4. tray colour (see pages 48 and 50, stock colours only) 5 Year Warranty Quantity rates available Frame colours Light Grey Black Metallic Charcoal Silver Grey White Silver * Available on express delivery outside summer holiday period Top Colours Standard Red Green Blue* Yellow Beech* Maple Oak Slate Grey Ailsa Speckle White Lt Grey