Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Dining Rooms 189 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Enviro chairs Enviro is a natural product, in a stunning range of colours, made from real wood, supplemented by additional valuable properties which are usually only provided by stone or metal. What this means for you: easy cleaning and a hardly flammable, self-extinguishing material which can even be weatherproof on request with the use of special resins. • Stain and abrasion resistant • Shock and break proof • Scratch and wear resistant • Light fast and resistant to chemicals • 6 different seat heights 310mm to 510mm • Made from Beech trees from stocks which are carefully replanted • Please call for more information YPAG7800 Sled-Base Chair YPAG7850 4-leg Chair YPAG7811 C-shape Chair Pure White Gray Aluminium Gray Chrome Silver Gray White Black Gray Anthracite Metallic Yellow Green Red Blue Frame Colours Nature Cornflower Ruby Honey Coffee Grass Stone Moss Eucalyptus Aquamarine Linen Shell Colours Sapphire Blue Chrome Plated Sled Base 4 Legged C-Shaped New Product Select: 1. Chair type 2. Shell colour 3. Frame colour 4. Chair size Size Guide Size Pupil Size cm Table Height cm Seat Height cm 2 108-121 53 31 3 119-142 59 35 4 133-159 64 38 5 146-176 71 43 6 159-188 76 46 7 174-207 82 51