Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Flip-Top Tables 180 Benchmark Folding Tables 181 Folding Tables with Stools 182 ConverTables 183 Wall Pocket Tables 184-185 Ultimate Table/Bench 186 Concept Table/Bench 187 Round Folding Tables 188 Dining Chairs 189-197 Stools 190,191,196,197 Cafe Tables 198-199 Statik Range 200 Dining areas are much more than just places to feed students. They need to be welcoming and desirable places to eat and socialise, places that students feel comfortable in and spaces that attract them. With our extensive experience we can help you create just the right ambience that will appeal to students and staff alike. Whether it’s a modern, sleek look for a new facility or a more traditional style to suit existing surroundings, we can help you achieve just the right effect that is hygienic, effective and inspiring. Whatever your requirements, we have a feast of ideas and valuable experience! Dining Furniture Dining Furniture Dining Rooms 179