Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Furniture 17 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS PU Edged 1-29 30+ Y15554 H460mm £93.70 POA Y15556 H530mm £93.70 POA Y15558 H590mm £93.70 POA Y15560* H640mm £93.70 POA Y15562* H710mm £93.70 POA Y15564* H760mm £93.70 POA A. 1200 x 600mm rectangular • Welded frame B. 1100 x 550mm rectangular • Welded frame C. 600 x 600mm square • Welded frame D. 1100 x 550mm trapezoidal • Welded frame PU Edged 1-29 30+ Y15590 H460mm £109.90 POA Y15592 H530mm £109.90 POA Y15594 H590mm £109.90 POA Y15596 H640mm £109.90 POA Y15598 H710mm £109.90 POA Y15600 H760mm £109.90 POA PU Edged 1-29 30+ Y15566 H460mm £93.70 POA Y15568 H530mm £93.70 POA Y15570 H590mm £93.70 POA Y15572* H640mm £93.70 POA Y15574* H710mm £93.70 POA Y15576* H760mm £93.70 POA PU Edged 1-29 30+ Y15578 H460mm £82.30 POA Y15580 H530mm £82.30 POA Y15582 H590mm £82.30 POA Y15584 H640mm £82.30 POA Y15586* H710mm £82.30 POA Y15588* H760mm £82.30 POA PU Edged 1-29 30+ Y15602 H460mm £150.20 POA Y15604A H530mm £150.20 POA Y15606A H590mm £150.20 POA Y15608A H640mm £150.20 POA Y15610A H710mm £150.20 POA Y15612 H760mm £150.20 POA E. 1000mm diameter circular • Welded frame Rounded PU Edge Also available in 1200 x 600mm POA A B C D E On All These Products *Outside summer period Express Delivery on Items Marked* 5 Year Warranty Gloss White ‘Dry Wipe’ option at extra cost on standard tables Order code: Y100102 £12.95 PU Edge colours: Lt Grey Blue Charcoal Red Green Frame colours: textured silver grey, light grey, metallic charcoal or black. Silver grey will be supplied unless otherwise stated Frame colours Light Grey Black Metallic Charcoal Silver Grey White Silver * Available on express delivery outside summer holiday period Top Colours Standard Red Green Blue* Yellow Beech* Maple Oak Slate Grey Ailsa Speckle White Lt Grey