Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Tables A. 600 x 600mm square • Welded Frame • Also available in 550 x 550mm POA Classroom Furniture 17 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Rounded MDF Edge 1-29 30+ Y15894 H460mm £136.40 POA Y15898 H530mm £136.40 POA Y15902 H590mm £136.40 POA Y15906 H640mm £136.40 POA Y15910 H710mm £136.40 POA Y15914 H760mm £136.40 POA B. 1000mm diameter circular • Welded Frame • Also available in 750, 800 and 1100mm diameters POA Rounded MDF Edge 1-29 30+ Y15918 H460mm £110.60 POA Y15922 H530mm £110.60 POA Y15926 H590mm £110.60 POA Y15930 H640mm £110.60 POA Y15934 H710mm £110.60 POA Y15938 H760mm £110.60 POA Square PVC Edge 1-29 30+ Y15920 H460mm £118.10 POA Y15924 H530mm £118.10 POA Y15928 H590mm £118.10 POA Y15932 H640mm £118.10 POA Y15936 H710mm £118.10 POA Y15940 H760mm £118.10 POA C. 1200 x 600mm diameter semi-circular • Welded Frame Rounded MDF Edge 1-29 30+ Y15870 H460mm £69.60 POA Y15874 H530mm £69.60 POA Y15878 H590mm £69.60 POA Y15882 H640mm £69.60 POA Y15886* H710mm £69.60 POA Y15890* H760mm £69.60 POA Square PVC Edge 1-29 30+ Y15872 H460mm £75.10 POA Y15876 H530mm £75.10 POA Y15880 H590mm £75.10 POA Y15884 H640mm £75.10 POA Y15888 H710mm £75.10 POA Y15892 H760mm £75.10 POA Rounded MDF Edge 1-24 25+ Y15942 H460mm £110.60 POA Y15946 H530mm £110.60 POA Y15950 H590mm £110.60 POA Y15954 H640mm £110.60 POA Y15958 H710mm £110.60 POA Y15962 H760mm £110.60 POA Square PVC Edge 1-24 25+ Y15944 H460mm £118.10 POA Y15948 H530mm £118.10 POA Y15952 H590mm £118.10 POA Y15956 H640mm £118.10 POA Y15960 H710mm £118.10 POA Y15964 H760mm £118.10 POA D. 1100 x 550mm diameter semi-circular • Welded Frame A B C D *Outside summer period Express Delivery on Items Marked* Edge Options Square PVC Edge Rounded* MDF Edge PVC Edge Colours Grey Blue Red Green Yellow Beech * Available on express delivery outside summer holiday period Top Colours Standard Red Green Blue* Yellow Beech* Maple Oak Light Grey* Ailsa Speckle White Frame colours Light Grey Black Metallic Charcoal Silver Grey Primary coloured frames also available. Please ask for details. Quantity rates available UKMADE