Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Classroom Furniture 15 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Rounded MDF Edge 1-29 30+ Y15742 H460mm £96.30 POA Y15746 H530mm £96.30 POA Y15750 H590mm £96.30 POA Y15754 H640mm £96.30 POA Y15758 H710mm £96.30 POA Y15762 H760mm £96.30 POA Square PVC Edge 1-29 30+ Y15744 H460mm £102.20 POA Y15748 H530mm £102.20 POA Y15752 H590mm £102.20 POA Y15756 H640mm £102.20 POA Y15760 H710mm £102.20 POA Y15764 H760mm £102.20 POA Classroom Tables - Crushbent Frame A. 1100 x 550mm trapezoidal • Crushbent for easier stacking Also available in 1200 x 600mm POA Delivery All classroom tables and chairs are delivered fully assembled. Delivery approximately 4 weeks although this will extend over the summer ordering period. We recommend you do not dispose of your old furniture until you have taken delivery of your new. Rounded MDF Edge 1-29 30+ Y15766 H460mm £69.60 POA Y15770 H530mm £69.60 POA Y15774 H590mm £69.60 POA Y15778 H640mm £69.60 POA Y15782* H710mm £69.60 POA Y15786* H760mm £69.60 POA Square PVC Edge 1-29 30+ Y15768 H460mm £75.10 POA Y15772 H530mm £75.10 POA Y15776 H590mm £75.10 POA Y15780 H640mm £75.10 POA Y15784 H710mm £75.10 POA Y15788 H760mm £75.10 POA B. 600 x 600mm square • Crushbent for easier stacking A B *Outside summer period Express Delivery on Items Marked* Fully EN1729 Compliant Edge Options Square PVC Edge Rounded* MDF Edge PVC Edge Colours Grey Blue Red Green Yellow Beech Gloss White ‘Dry Wipe’ option at extra cost on standard tables Order code: Y100102 £12.95 Quantity rates available Colour coded frames available - please ask for details UKMADE Frame colours Light Grey Black Metallic Charcoal Silver Grey White Silver * Available on express delivery outside summer holiday period Top Colours Standard Red Green Blue* Yellow Beech* Maple Oak Slate Grey Ailsa Speckle White Lt Grey