Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

IT Suites 149 Bespoke IT Benching Solutions 150-151 IT Poly Seating 152-155,158 IT Upholstered Seating 156-157 Stools 157 Flex Chair 159 Charge Lockers 160-161 Laptop Storage 162-163 When it comes to creating your ideal IT suite we can design a unique solution for your requirements. Whatever surface, size or colour, we have a range of standard units and bespoke solutions that will meet the most demanding needs and technical requirements for the most effective IT teaching space. From built in lap top charging units down to individual chairs, we can tailor your IT suite to your own needs and we don’t stop with the delivery, we can fit them, wire them and commission on site. IT Suites IT Suites Due to limitations in the printing process, wood and colour finishes shown throughout the catalogue may not be representative of actual colour. Samples are available on request.