Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

SEN 145 A. Therapy rocker chair • Colourful vinyl-covered foam chair perfect for users seeking proprioceptive, vestibular, or motion-based stimulation • Relaxing, therapeutic, and stimulating, they are designed to securely comfort a user from head to toe as they use their body to gently rock the chair in a rhythmic motion • Proprioceptive Stimulation:The chair’s deep seat is contoured to comfortably support the user’s body from head to toe. This full-body stimulation is great for stimulating the proprioceptive system, helping the user to feel comfortable in their body. • Stimming & Concentration: Using their body to safely rock the chair, users can find the vestibular stimulation they seek, allowing them to concentrate on what matters • A variety of bright colours areavailable Y310851 £1,049.00 D. Rocker roller • The rocker roller disc is an octagonal shaped softplay dome, which can be used as a rocker or turned upside for climbing challenges Y310817 £495.00 C. Rocker seat • A smaller, budget-friendly version of our Therapy Rocker that’s as effective in providing therapeutic proprioceptive and vestibular stimulation • Stimming & Concentration:Using their feet to safely rock the seat, users can create the vestibular stimulation that they are seeking, so they can concentrate on what matters • A variety of bright colours areavailable Y310822 £325.00 A B C B. Folding sensory lounge chairs • A multi-use variable seat that folds out to a relaxing and calming lounger for reading • A unique and innovative children's seat design that folds away into a cube shape for easy, stackable storage • Ergonomically designed for even, full-body support, excellent for children who need extra sensory input • Made with soft touch, easy to clean vinyl, perfect for maintaining hygiene • Durable and hardwearing with reinforced mesh-backed vinyl, ideal for a demanding school environment • Includes a wear resistant non-slip base for added safety • Calming, soft colours Y310858 Single £129.00 Y310859 Double £215.00 D