Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

14 Classroom Furniture PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS • The following range of crushbent framed tables is one of the largest in the UK • All our products have been proved suitable for severe educational use • Precision laser cut frames and non-marking feet • This fast selling table is very popular as it can be easily stacked due to the frame design • The top has a MDF core with a hard wearing laminate finish • Choice of rounded MDF or square PVC edge • Orders of less than 5 tables may incur a carriage charge MDF edge On All These Products Rounded MDF Edge 1-29 30+ Y15718 H460mm £81.30 POA Y15722 H530mm £81.30 POA Y15726 H590mm £81.30 POA Y15730* H640mm £81.30 POA Y15734* H710mm £81.30 POA Y15738T* H760mm £81.30 POA Square PVC Edge 1-29 30+ Y15720 H460mm £86.40 POA Y15724 H530mm £86.40 POA Y15728T H590mm £86.40 POA Y15732 H640mm £86.40 POA Y15736 H710mm £86.40 POA Y15740 H760mm £86.40 POA B. 1100 x 550mm rectangular • Crushbent for easier stacking Rounded MDF Edge 1-29 30+ Y15686 H460mm £81.30 POA Y15690 H530mm £81.30 POA Y15694 H590mm £81.30 POA Y15698 H640mm £81.30 POA Y15702 H710mm £81.30 POA Y15706 H760mm £81.30 POA Square PVC Edge 1-29 30+ Y15688 H460mm £86.40 POA Y15692 H530mm £86.40 POA Y15696 H590mm £86.40 POA Y15700 H640mm £86.40 POA Y15704 H710mm £86.40 POA Y15708 H760mm £86.40 POA A. 1200 x 600mm rectangular • Crushbent frame for easier stacking Classroom Tables - Crushbent Frame A B Best Seller *Outside summer period Express Delivery on Items Marked* 5 Year Warranty Slide Stacking Quantity rates available UKMADE