Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

SEN 139 A. MSE Genie TV control • The MSE App bundle has been created to make installation, set up, and play as simple as possible • The bundle includes Apple TV and the MSE TV App – as well as a projector, the only extra you’ll need is an iPad, from which you’ll be able to control the room’s lights, sounds and elements • With one tap on the MSE App, you can transform your room with an incredibly immersive theme. For example, pressing the blue button will transport you into the depths of the ocean your sensory resources will glow a bright blue, whales will elegantly swim across your projector screen, and the calming sounds of the sea will resonate through the speakers • Get in touch to find out more Y310836 £539.00 C. Combined MSE Genie wall wash control driver • An App that allows you to centrally control all of your sensory equipment from an iPad. The MSE App is free and has a user-friendly interface with bright colours and large buttons to make play inclusive and accessible • You can introduce MSE App Control into your sensory room at any point without the need for the MSE Apple TV Bundle. With the help of a few interactive receivers, you can wirelessly control all of your interactive sensory resources at the touch of a button. • The app is available to download from the Apple App Store onto an iPhone or iPad, transforming it into an easy- to-use sensory room control system. Y310856 £227.00 D. Combined MSE Genie app receiver • Plugging this into your bubble tube will make it compatible with the MSE Genie app. Y310857 £205.00 A B B. LED wall wash • Using the very latest LED technology these length of LED's can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, washing an area with bright intense colours • Can be used for theming a room or to help develop a knowledge of colour and colour recognition • They are best used along the length of a wall • The colours can change through the colour spectrum or can be interactive being compatible with our colour control switches • Colour Controllers sold separately and will require a wireless remote control to power • Price per metre Y310825 £215.00 C Please ask for details of our Turnkey Design & Build Solutions