Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Cloakrooms & Lockers 138 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Colours Cloakroom Range • Mix & match the tops & bottoms of the cloakroom units • Tops come complete with two height-adjustable upright bars • All units supplied complete with Gratnell’s trays within the price. See pages 52-55 for colour and size options • Please specify colour at time of ordering • Choice of Beech, Maple or White Lime Cyan Blue Tangerine Rail Colours Cloakroom tops with upright bars • Height adjustable • Mix and mach with bases shown above • Supplied with upright bars to attach to bases E. YCLK001 8 Compartments W1360 x D170 x H410mm £335.00 F. YCLK003 Hanging Rail W1360 x D250 x H138mm £210.00 G. YCLK005 4 Compartments W1360 x D170 x H250mm £265.00 H. YCLK007 8 Hooks W1360 x D40 x H200mm £210.00 Cloakroom bases • Mix and match these bases with the tops shown below • Bases supplied without upright bars • W1360 x D345 x H455mm A. YCLK002 4 Deep Trays £295.00 B. YCLK004 8 Shallow Trays £295.00 C. YCLK006 4 Open Compartments £265.00 D. YCLK008 Boot Rack £395.00 Trays Included Unwrapped & Checked Ready Assembled EcoFriendly Construction  Express Delivery A B C D E F G H Use these bases as stand alone units or combine them with any of the top units shown below. Top units come with supporting upright bars. M I X & M A T C H ! Beech Maple White Panel Finishes UKMADE