Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

SEN 137 A. Interactive light source • A colour-changing light source that is compact, quiet, lightweight, and compatible with our range of fibre optics • The colours of the light source will change automatically, but if you'd like to interact with the fibre optics, they're compatible with all of our colour controllers too • 16 colour modes to choose from - perfect for building colour recognition, sensory preferencesand a mood-lit atmosphere • Colour Controllers aren't included and will need to be bought separately Y310830 £384.00 C. Ladder lights • Interactive rainbow Ladder Lights are a fantastic celebration of sound and colour • Use your voice and light up the rungs of the ladder the louder you are, the brighter it will shine. Experiment with sound, volume and pitch by illuminating the ten coloured rungs, and alternate play by switching between the seven stimulating lighting modes for hours of sensory fun • Ladder Lights are a favourite amongst speech therapists, as the panel encourages vocalisation, breath control and self-confidence. They stimulate visual senses as the ladder illuminates, and demonstrate the mechanics of cause and effect as sounds turn into colourful light • Easy to install and can be safely embedded into safety padding, and mains powered • Size:107 x 38 x 20cm. Y310850 £1,485.00 B. Sparkle light source • Quiet, cool and long-lasting (approximately 50,000 hours) • Colour wheel gives the popular sparkle effect for use with our full fibre optic range • Automatically cycles through 16 different sensory colours, creating a calming, mood-inducing sensory environment • If you'd like an interactive fibre optic experience, we'd recommend using the Interactive Light Source Y310855 £221.00 D. Light source wall holder • Protect your light source and create a new sensory fibre optic feature • Creates a secure space for you to keep your fibre optic light sources out of harm's way • The holders have a mirrored front that beautifully reflects the colours and lights from the fibre optics and seamlessly integrates the light source into sensory rooms • Hang the wall holder at any height on the wall, higher up to create a shimmering waterfall effect, or lower down for personal, up-close sensory exploration sessions • Note:Light source and fibre optic tails are not included. Y310840 £131.00 A B C D